5 Things That Won’t Change After the Revolution

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1) Food. It might not be Twinkies and KFC, but we all need to fill up. Whether it’s genetically engineered headless chicken meat grown in the labs of agribusiness megacorporations or local, organic meats and vegetables so fresh they still have dirt on them, we’ll still be coming together over meals.

2) Community. In the post-Facebook world, will we tell stories by the fire, or communicate telepathically with cybernetic implants? Either way, we are social creatures and we need each other.

3) Transportation. We might walk barefoot across a post-apocalyptic landscape or hop in a flying car piloted by a computer chip, but one way or another we have places to go and people to see.

4) Commerce. Whether bartering with precious metals or making automated purchases with subdermal RFID implants coded with our bank information, we all want things we can’t produce for ourselves.

5) Politics. Whether the parliament of a socialist democracy, an autocratic madman backed by a robot army, or a neighborhood council using modified consensus, someone or something has to make decisions about how we all live together.

The basic areas of human activity won’t change very much even with sweeping changes to the overall landscape of society. We’ll still eat, sleep, and get up every morning to do some sort of job, even in a world that is barely imaginable through the lens of today’s perspective. What we do is fairly constant. How we do things, however, is the mark of the age, and developments here are the foundation of all social change.

So I want a program for social change that says this: don’t stop doing the things you already do, just do them in a new way. What benefits do you think this approach might offer?

Soren5 Things That Won’t Change After the Revolution

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