I’m a 29-year-old Chicagoan who works with refugee youth.

At some point in my life, I realized that other people’s explanations of things rarely satisfy me–even from the people with whom I ostensibly have the most in common.

And yet I thirst for explanation. I want to know how to fight for justice in an age of severe limits on autonomy and moral agency. I want to know how to innovate in the field of social work so we can focus on the actual work and stop scurrying for funding. I want to know how to mitigate the harm caused by my unearned privileges, and how to dismantle the system which confers them.

So I must speak in search of answers to these questions, and to share anything I discover along the way.


tilted logo no overlayThe ultimate purpose of this website is to be a tool for my self-development. The way my brain is wired, I have a really hard time acting without a sound intellectual framework. This can be helpful, as I am constantly analyzing the world around me, but it is debilitating when lack of thorough understanding of a situation leaves me inert.

Writing helps me develop my ideas, both because the awareness of an audience lends itself to more critical analysis, and because complex ideas can be developed slowly over several posts.

So, basically, this is a space for me to reflect on my current endeavors and lay the foundation for future projects with the ultimate aim of living a life that is of benefit to others.

If you’re interested in the things I write about, please get involved in the discussion! You can comment on any post you like, or contact me privately with any feedback or questions.