Advertisers cash in on your altruism by leaving The Rush Limbaugh Show

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SorenAdvertisers cash in on your altruism by leaving The Rush Limbaugh Show

2 Comments on “Advertisers cash in on your altruism by leaving The Rush Limbaugh Show”

  1. Ellington3

    This is true but alas I really do not think that they, the advertisers care about that, and I have yet to actually see or hear about a company that says “YES, ALL WE CARE ABOUT IS MONEY MONEY MONEY!”
    But it is important that the public not only knows this but that they also understand that this is the case.
    Freedom of speech is a big issue in your country, we have it here in Canada as well but there is a form of checks and balances. I believe in freedom of speech but if you want it you have to be responsible for what you say and own up to it. So many want the freedom to say what they want when they want but they do not want the responsibility or the consequences if there are any attached to what they say.
    I did Google Limbaugh quotes and egads the man is a tool. I had to stop reading some of them because he was actually making me retch. He sadly is a representation of everything that I do not like about our world.
    But he and others like him must be made to own up and eventually pay for the tripe that they spout, and maybe with his advertises “leaving him” as disingenuous as it is, it could become a good thing!
    Maybe people will see this and maybe there will be some advertisers who will see this too?!
    I like hope. : )

  2. Kenton Reveron

    Cada joven prosperaría a entender que todo negocio exitoso se encuentra sobre la moralidad de fundamento.
    Y no tenemos un muy monopolio. Ahora tenemos participación en el mercado . Existe una diferencia.

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