An oppressive society will never be honest

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We know oppression is bad, either in our hearts from experiencing it or in our brains from thinking beyond our own perspectives.

We believe all people are equal. A system that doles out unfair advantages to certain groups while systematically denying resources to other groups does so almost randomly. While history illuminates causes, they are rooted in both deception and misperception.

None of us deserves our lot; oppression is arbitrary. It is premised on the lie that some people are superior to others and it also perpetuates that lie by intentionally stratifying us. If society is the chorus of all our voices, an oppressive society is not the true sound of the choir.

If the goal of society is honesty–the self-determination of its peoples–it will fail so long as we do not hold the rectification of oppression as a primary concern. As Charles W. Mills writes, our discussions of justice cannot be taken seriously if we “ignore the central injustice on which the state rests.”

How do we gauge success? How do we know whether society is an honest reflection of us?

SorenAn oppressive society will never be honest

3 Comments on “An oppressive society will never be honest”

  1. Ellington3

    I honestly have no idea what so ever.
    Society is oppressive this is true but there are some that may say or might say that oppression breads competition, how healthy it is again I do not know, and we need competition.
    I do not think that this is all true, but people seem to be competitive one way or another, and often being overly competitive breeds a win at all costs or a stay on top at all costs attitude, and that always has some taint of oppression attached to it.
    So what about competition?
    It can be a good thing or motivator but how do you maintain the good of in it the outcome that serves all in the best way?
    I absolutely loath that people blame the idea of a lack of competition on ‘political correctness’ or call it socialism or communism, but they say without competition and blatant oppression of the other they (“they do not deserve to win”, or it is survival of the fittest, “its not my fault that they are poor, uneducated criminals”, or its “manifest destiny” or “God’s will that I am on top”)
    And I find that these days there seems to be an air of narcissistic personality disorder on steroids running rampant in the world, you see it on things like American Idol, and Jersey Shore and other ‘reality’ shows. People seem to like to see others hurt and humiliated and they seem to loath and fear the “educated’or any semblance of kindness or fairplay, making such things akin to being weak and stupid.

    I feel again it goes back to education, if people are taught when young then maybe it will naturally be gauged because it will work for us all.
    But then there will always be some jagweed who wants it all and will try to toss a spanner in the works.

    And now I am rambling, sorry.

    1. futuretalk

      I like what you said in the middle about what is basically covenant. The idea that a certain group is special, chosen by god even, and so deserves there station. That idea was actually central to the American Revolution. I think the greatest deception of Modernist society is its ability to transform the people who HAPPEN to be in charge into the people that SHOULD be in charge. Such self-legitimating crap.

      I have an old blog post about that I might recycle next week.

      We still have to figure out how to gauge whether or not society, or parts of society, are full, complex reflections of the diverse constituents that make it/them up… or if they are reflecting specific power groups and neglecting others. Cuz if a program of social justice purports to make society more honest, as I say, then we should have some way of determining the success or failure of that program.

  2. Ellington3

    Oh and Happy International Women’s Day to all of the women in your life and who read this blog! : )

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