To Hell with Them All

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I’m reading on the couch and my phone buzzes with this disheartening news: “2 Killed in Texas After Firing on Anti-Islamist Group’s Event.” My first reaction, shadowed in gloom, is that if this comes up in conversations I’m going to have to defend Islam. I’m already preparing arguments, jogging facts in my mind, assembling anecdotes about the loving and wonderful Muslim … Read More

SorenTo Hell with Them All

What Do You Call a Cop without a Gun?

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Eric Garner’s murder has made it really clear that there’s something wrong with the way police use deadly force. Cops are in a hard position, though, because their entire approach to working with people is predicated on our awareness that they can kill us. That’s why they can demand absolute compliance and most of the time receive it. That’s why … Read More

SorenWhat Do You Call a Cop without a Gun?

The Question White People Aren’t Asking

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What will we SACRIFICE? I don’t care how many white people join in protest; without sacrifice, the movement is just a joyride to us. What WILL we sacrifice? It can’t be comfort, time or safety. Those are resources we can spend on the struggle, but even doing so reinforces the privilege of having those things in the first place. WHAT … Read More

SorenThe Question White People Aren’t Asking

Training, Self-Doubt & Fatal Flaws: What Social Work Taught Me about Police Work

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Have you ever restrained someone the size of Eric Garner? I have, and it was one of the easiest, most quickly resolved crises in which I’ve ever intervened. It was 2009 and I was working with severely emotionally disturbed teens in a locked residential facility. A young woman, weighing in at 300 lbs, had just tried to punch someone, so … Read More

SorenTraining, Self-Doubt & Fatal Flaws: What Social Work Taught Me about Police Work

Is That REALLY What Democracy Looks Like?

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If you’ve ever been to a protest, you probably joined in that timeless chant: “This-is-WHAT de-MOC-racy LOOKS-like!” But is it? On a good day, our government feels disconnected from the people. But on bad days, when we learn names like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice, we feel pushed over the edge. Dialogue isn’t enough. Voting isn’t enough. Petitions … Read More

SorenIs That REALLY What Democracy Looks Like?

What We Desperately Need to Learn from Ferguson

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If you still think police protect and serve, then turn around and close this tab. But if it’s as clear as a mother’s tears to you that such fantasy is as dead as her innocent son, then what are we going to do about it? The old style marches and chanting aren’t going to undo a system with centuries of history. The politicians … Read More

SorenWhat We Desperately Need to Learn from Ferguson

When the Smoke Clears

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You have to be careful on the internet, or you might get sucked into a black hole. I was exploring Costa Rica when Ferguson, MO started exploring the boundaries of chaos. I was aware of it, but didn’t have time to read everything until this past weekend. I procrastinated, knowing how emotional I might become, knowing I could veil my … Read More

SorenWhen the Smoke Clears

CorpoRed Herrings

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  Walgreens has been getting a lot of backlash for considering moving its headquarters to Switzerland in a move known as corporate inversion. Basically, by purchasing a U.K. drugstore chain and showing that more than 20% of the company is foreign-owned, they can pull a corporate Depardieu and defect to another country for lower taxes. Fortune Magazine isn’t the only one calling … Read More

SorenCorpoRed Herrings

The Republicans Fired Me

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You may have heard about the unaccompanied minor crisis: thousands of children fleeing across the Mexican border from terrifying situations in places like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. I have a friend who works with these kids at a temporary shelter and, if you want to know why they’re coming, take it from a teenage girl she works with who … Read More

SorenThe Republicans Fired Me