Values: the Gauge of Honesty

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I’ve been talking about improving society as a process of making society more honest, but the only evidence I offered that society is not honest is that you can feel it. To really appraise the state of society and suggest reasonable changes, we need a better way to describe honesty. So let’s carry out this metaphor by comparing the individual … Read More

SorenValues: the Gauge of Honesty

The real face of welfare & why I can’t vote third party in 2012

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I gotta tell you something: I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008. I was glad he won. I cried during his inauguration. But I didn’t vote for him. When people discovered my intentions before the election, they didn’t understand. I’d explain that voting for the lesser of two evils was a lie — the same kind of lie that constituted the … Read More

SorenThe real face of welfare & why I can’t vote third party in 2012

An oppressive society will never be honest

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We know oppression is bad, either in our hearts from experiencing it or in our brains from thinking beyond our own perspectives. We believe all people are equal. A system that doles out unfair advantages to certain groups while systematically denying resources to other groups does so almost randomly. While history illuminates causes, they are rooted in both deception and misperception. … Read More

SorenAn oppressive society will never be honest

The good society is the honest society

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What is the goal of society? Is it mere survival through cooperation? Is it peaceful coexistence? Prosperity? It’s a trick question, isn’t it! The premise of Future Talk is that we can do better. That’s something our experiences have shown us and we all feel deeply, but it’s a pretty vague sentiment. What does it mean to do better? To … Read More

SorenThe good society is the honest society

Interest Convergence: the Politics of Decadence

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In an atmosphere of high moral separation, individuals and organizations respond to consequences that are immediately felt. The result of this phenomenon is that interest convergence becomes the chief form of persuasion. To convince someone to do something, we no longer appeal to right and wrong, we appeal to how it will affect them personally. And often this involves dramatizing less … Read More

SorenInterest Convergence: the Politics of Decadence

Former Limbaugh Advertisers: Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

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Quick synopsis of recent events: Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who spoke to House Democrats about the need for contraception coverage, was lambasted by Rush Limbaugh who called her a slut and a prostitute, and then several companies pulled their ads from Limbaugh’s show. I’m delighted that these companies decided to pull their support from Limbaugh’s show, and that … Read More

SorenFormer Limbaugh Advertisers: Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

On Circumvention

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How do we resuscitate individual moral agency, create community structures that reflect community values, and gain the power to shape our own futures? Big question, huh? But it has a simple answer: we Circumvent traditional power structures. Oh, but that’s just pompous rhetoric? Let me explain what I mean. The first principle of Circumvention is we use local resources to meet … Read More

SorenOn Circumvention

Asking power for power

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If we survey the political movements that are active right now, we might at first appreciate the wide breadth of issues around which people are organizing. Upon close examination, however, we will be disappointed to discover that they are all using essentially the same tactic. From radical Occupy protests, to the recall of Scott Walker, to the marriage equality movement, … Read More

SorenAsking power for power