Look Who’s Talking

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When the presenter is changing slides, I’m trying to do a subtle tally. Double check the count, yes, that’s accurate. I’m paying¬†attention to who’s talking to figure out how much I should hold my tongue. I’ve managed to keep my comments succinct, but one by one every white guy in the room takes his turn sharing an experience or a … Read More

SorenLook Who’s Talking

Two white guys walk into a lunch meeting…

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It didn’t seem like only two white guys in the room. I had happily volunteered to share my experiences with strengths-based assessment working with homeless teens during the first group question, and the facilitator had asked several follow-up questions. After that, the other white male in the room introduced an interesting ethical dilemma. I had what I thought was an … Read More

SorenTwo white guys walk into a lunch meeting…

Things I Take For Granted #1

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I work at a shelter for homeless youth. Tonight, a resident of the shelter–a young black male–needed to go to the hospital, so I walked with him to the corner to catch a cab. While I was on hold with the company’s dispatch line, he walked ahead and stood at the curb trying to hail one. A squad car crept … Read More

SorenThings I Take For Granted #1