Problems with “Shit Guys Don’t Say”, Videos7 Comments

One of the newest iterations of the “shit people say” meme is here, and it’s called “Shit Guys Don’t Say.” This video is trash, so I don’t even want to give them views by posting it here, but to set up my response you should probably check out the original. And here’s me on the subject:

SorenProblems with “Shit Guys Don’t Say”

“Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls” is not racist, Videos21 Comments

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock you may have missed one of the best adaptations of of the “shit girls say” meme: This video has sparked a lot of discussion, most of it very positive and productive. Still, there are some upset white people who think this video is racist or presents a double standard. To them I offer … Read More

Soren“Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls” is not racist