Former Limbaugh Advertisers: Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

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Quick synopsis of recent events: Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who spoke to House Democrats about the need for contraception coverage, was lambasted by Rush Limbaugh who called her a slut and a prostitute, and then several companies pulled their ads from Limbaugh’s show.

I’m delighted that these companies decided to pull their support from Limbaugh’s show, and that along with any possibility of a slander suit is probably why Limbaugh recently offered a half-assed apology.

But let’s be real here.

Is this the first time Limbaugh has made disgusting comments like this? No. Is Limbaugh already notorious for his racist and sexist beliefs? Yes. So let’s not be too quick to laud these companies for pulling their ads. We can’t forget they chose to advertise on Limbaugh’s show in the first place!

It’s no surprise, then, that the language most of them have used in announcing the decision to pull ads is not, “Limbaugh is a revolting misogynist and that’s not cool with us,” but, rather, “we have pulled ads to appease our customer base.”

I believe this is a very calculated move on their part, and they will probably stand to make even greater profits from pulling out both because customers will be blinded by the phony altruism and because they have and will continue to receive free advertising as their actions are reported across the net.

So, yeah, I’m glad they pulled the ads. Limbaugh’s only value as a public personality is to test our commitment to the First Amendment, and I don’t want him getting rich off hate.

But do not idealize these companies for pulling their ads. They didn’t do it for Sandra. They didn’t do it for women. They didn’t do it for their customers. They did it for themselves.

SorenFormer Limbaugh Advertisers: Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

4 Comments on “Former Limbaugh Advertisers: Doing the Right Thing for the Wrong Reason”

  1. Ellington3

    When I first heard about this I truly was not surprised by what Rush Limbaugh has said in regards to Sandra Fluke. the man is just vile and I have always thought he was a heart attack waiting to happen.
    If those companies who withdrew their advertising dollars were really well meaning they would not have signed on with him in the first place, like you mentioned. But alas all they care about is money and in pseudo rebuking Limbaugh they are really thinking of their bottom line, and this makes me almost as sad and angry as the tripe that Rush Limbaugh spouted off with in the first place.
    I too am glad that they pulled their ads, but when I think about their true motives I feel rather misanthropic and have great need to steel myself away from everything and just read my novels and my graphic novels. I do snap out it but sometimes I need hope to feel that it is okay and that people can and will do things for the right reasons.

    I just want to say thank-you because your blog is one of the things that does give me hope because you are trying to do the right thing or at least work towards it.

    Pax : )

    1. futuretalk

      Yeah the whole “right thing for the wrong reasons” thing is pretty disheartening. Then again the United States Civil War was the right thing for the wrong reason… and I was reading recently about a similar analysis of Brown v. Board of Education… so, sadly, that seems to be the way to get things done in a huge, fragmented society where people usually speak in abstractions that are disconnected from the realities of our daily lives while a powerful few manipulate the system for maximum gain.

      Let us do our best to speak nothing but the truth in such deceitful times. Václav Havel had a lot to say about that… but that’s for another time.

      Thanks for being my most loyal reader! :)

  2. Ellington3

    I have just discovered John Stuart Mill the British philosopher and I am kind of stoked about that!
    (I studied Comparative Lit in my undergrad and post grad I did Museum studies, I had/have friends who studied philosophy and social science so I gleamed a tad from sometimes sitting in on their lectures and discussions). So when I find something new and someone new to read I get thrilled!
    John Stuart Mill was ahead of the curve and wrote about things in a time when he would mos def be made into a social pariah.
    Oh and you’re most welcome about me reading your blog!
    Your words make for a nice balance between my reading my favourite fashion, art and book blogs. : )

  3. Ellington3

    I mentioned John Stuart Mill because he was someone who tried to do and say the right things for the right reasons!

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