I need to buy a whiteboard

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Mapping out the ideas for the next few posts to try to come up with a sensible order in which to present them…


SorenI need to buy a whiteboard

6 Comments on “I need to buy a whiteboard”

  1. futuretalk

    I’ll definitely have to check that out, although there is some tactile satisfaction in charting things out the old fashioned way.

  2. Megan

    I’m in the old-fashioned camp too, but if it’s something over the long term (or very complex), the electronic version does have its benefits.

  3. Nikesha

    i used to write on my mirrors when i was in school. some thought that was too deep because it becomes my reflection.

    now with no good mirrors to mess up i use a spreadsheet to keep all my ideas in check and on what dates to post and then just save emails with subjects i want to discuss…

    only thing is you have to go back and check those emails.

  4. Leif

    Thanks for sharing your concept map.

    You can buy a good sized white board material at Home Depot for about $20. They’ll get it to whatever size you need for about a buck/cut.

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