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One of the newest iterations of the “shit people say” meme is here, and it’s called “Shit Guys Don’t Say.” This video is trash, so I don’t even want to give them views by posting it here, but to set up my response you should probably check out the original.

And here’s me on the subject:

SorenProblems with “Shit Guys Don’t Say”

7 Comments on “Problems with “Shit Guys Don’t Say””

  1. Ellington

    I am really enjoying your blog and your insights, I am new to it.
    Oh and your video responses are just stellar!
    What you said in your video response to “Sh*t White girls say to Black girls” was just spot on and I also concur with your response to the lastes janky turn in this now tired meme.
    And keep on keeping on! : )

  2. Megan

    Nice to see someone stand up for higher standards of male behavior. I didn’t know many men under the age of 50 took issue with this (White, middle class or otherwise) until I saw a post online from a man protesting the use of pornographic images to market completely unrelated products.

    I’m starting to wonder though, if some people actually prefer living by stereotypes and prescribed roles. Both caricatures in this piece (the insensitive, selfish male and the faceless, passive female) are defended and supported so often in life and willingly in the media.

  3. Leslie

    Refreshing to see a male who sees through the BS and get to the issues which continue to plague gender relations. I rarely comment on blogs but I feel compelled to do so on yours. Kudos and keep on spreading the truth.

  4. ALifeApprentice

    Great post. There’s a lot of ridiculous stereotypes about what a “real man” should be like in the media : Never sensitive, never helpful, always thinking about sports, sex and greasy food involving a lot of meat. And I have to say I can see double standards against men in the media too! Some things that are said about men by some women could would never pass if a man said that about a woman and it makes me cringe.

  5. Michael

    Thanks for the video. As a man I am very tired of being told what I can and cannot do, say or even think. Keep up the good work.

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