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Knowledge of self is a double-edged sword; wielded properly it cuts through illusion and ploy, while incidentally it slices the threads of easy kinship. He who would seek the light of self must expect neither company nor encouragement in the shadow of a society that does not know itself. If he can endure isolation and doubt, the seeker will find that fulfillment of self rests upon the twin virtues of honesty and integrity. By this time the inward search has enlivened the questioning impulse such that he cannot help but turn his inquiries outward. What the seeker finds is often deceitful and fragmented. If and how he reconciles himself with his society is the true mark of his being.


2 Comments on “Reconciliation”

  1. Rhonda Yearwood

    I can understand why monks and nuns often have retrospective times of contemplation.
    One does not need to have a religious life to experience this. I think that doing this reconciliation and contemplation is a path to growth, and hopefully enlightenment.
    Helping us to hopefully become better people to each other and to our selves. : )

  2. vincenttennell

    I can always appreciate when one outwardly expresses into words how I feel internally. Thank you.

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