Six Phases of Abandonment

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We became aware of suffering. We knew we had to work to change things. The first step was learning. We read as much as we could, we started talking about how things could be different. We didn’t know what to do.

We used existent power structures to work toward change. We saw an opportunity to improve our communities. We navigated through the channels offered to us by the elite. We felt a sense of agency, and saw possibilities.

We tried to change the structures of power. We realized that the deck was stacked and decided to reform the system. We knew the struggle was a long one, but thought good will and hard work could overpower greed and corruption.

We became disillusioned with the structure. We saw the fatal flaws, and we despaired. The structure constantly reinforced its own existence and could therefore never facilitate its own dismantling.

We wanted to overthrow the structure. We understood that reform was impotent. Small structural victories were simple appeasement and the larger battle could never be won when the elite wrote the rules. We knew we had to destroy the structure in order to be truly free.

We abandoned the structure. We gave up revolutionary ideology, understanding that we had simply used it to endow ourselves with a false sense of agency. We realized that we could never extinguish the flames of oppression with only the promise of what we could create in place of the structure. We had to start creating it right away. We stopped worrying about how bad things were and set out to demonstrate how good they could be.

SorenSix Phases of Abandonment

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