…the Chicken or the Movement?

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Logan Temple Sunset by Sylvia KitchenSometimes I wonder if I’m selling humanity short by writing off the possibility of a massive, moral awakening.

When I imagine that, when I close my eyes and actually picture it, it’s literally breathtaking. But as soon as I inhale, I realize there’s a good reason for its absence:

We don’t live in an environment which requires heightened moral awareness. The opposite, in fact, it makes life really inconvenient.

The best solution I’m aware of for this problem is this: if we want to see more good, then it needs to become more convenient. It can’t be a righteous struggle, it needs to be downright easy.

You might say that cheapens the value of virtue, but I say it enriches the human experience.

Still, the question lingers like an eyelash stuck beneath the lid, scratching at odd intervals: do we rely on stifled hearts to overpower our negative conditions, or do we change those conditions to allow the innate power of our hearts to blossom?  

Soren…the Chicken or the Movement?

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