The good society is the honest society

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What is the goal of society?

Is it mere survival through cooperation? Is it peaceful coexistence? Prosperity?

It’s a trick question, isn’t it! The premise of Future Talk is that we can do better. That’s something our experiences have shown us and we all feel deeply, but it’s a pretty vague sentiment. What does it mean to do better? To do a better job of attaining the goal of society?

Let’s use a familiar tactic and define an abstract concept by what it is not. What have we experienced that makes us feel like we can do better? Oppression. Disempowerment. Fragmentation. Absurdity.

All things that reflect a disconnect between the character of individuals and the character of society. I suggest, then, that the goal of society is to be a reflection of its constituents; that the good society is the honest society.

This means that community values should be reflected in the power structures that influence that community. If there is a disconnect between these things, then society is not moving toward its goal.

Our goal, then, is to figure out how to make society more honest.

Can you think of examples of social structures that don’t match your values?

SorenThe good society is the honest society

7 Comments on “The good society is the honest society”

    1. futuretalk

      Are you saying the idea of an intellectual/philosophical elite doesn’t match your values? Or that the intellectual elite we do have don’t match your values?

  1. Ellington3

    The lack of inclusiveness in education.
    I thankfully went to a private school and so did my brothers and we had a good education but I would like it if this were accesible to all and not just those who can afford it.
    If education were more honest in the way children and adults were assessed then maybe there might not be so much disenfranchised people out there? Also if someone is good at art, or fixing a machines, or math or literature that they should all feel needed and not made to feel less than others.
    I would like to see history taught in that not only does one hear about the “winners” but the also about the “losers” and the real consequences of the so called “win” by the winners.
    If maybe taught these things at a young age then maybe people will be taught to think and be a tad more reflective?
    I know that the education system in Canada is different from the US, but I honestly to believe that education gives people a chance. ( as naive as that may sound)

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  4. meloThoughts

    Ghandis’ words are probably the most quoted, but are they the most headed?

    “Be the change you want to see in the world”

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